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Up The Shambles
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"we're like medieval strolling players, really.
just tuming up and entretaining the people of the town"
- Peter Doherty

some things you need to remember:

& lj-cuts are your fiends. use them
& ex-members news are allowed
& no grammar nazzis plz
& don't post official releases
in public entries
& the spazzing and abuse of exclamations points it's not only allowed, it's encouraged
& we appreciate the lolz of tabloid stories, we just don't take them seriously
& teh ghay is always welcomed, especially if it involves peter and drew's constant public display of affection
& babyshambles are srs bsns yo'
& feel free to ignore the last point at any time
& we mock because we care.

some more 'shambles related fun:

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& libertine_icons : for all the icon-makers
& topnotchalbion : bloody good icons!
& albion_fic : we love teh ghay
& albion_unbound : we really love teh ghay
& peteislove : you know you love the cheeks
& _adams_apple_ : the "serious one" (ya rite)
& drew_luv : join the drooling
& 2000years : because i can
& Babyshambles Myspace : biggest myspace whore band ever
& Babyshambles Blogspot : pics - vids - reviews
& Palace Of Bone : bloggin' the shambles
& French Dog Blues : babyshambles related site
& Babyshambles Foum : not official, but it kinda should be
& HMS Albion : send the boys some love
& The Adstar : 'coz every band needs a superhero

"we are the babyshambles, shambling along"

"just-a-shambles-baby", "open-arms-and-open-legs", "we-are-the-babyshambles-shambling-along", adam ficek, adrian&andy, babyshambles, bass love, down in albion, drew mcconnell, faggy-lovesongs-about-carl-barat, free music, frenchdogblues, gemma clarke, hats, mik whitnall, myspace whoring, non-shows, patrick walden, peter doherty, peter-and-drew's-public-displays-of-afection, playing-on-top-of-the-tour-bus, polaroids, secret gigs, the adstar, the libertines, weird dances, what a shambles